Golden Bridge – The masterpiece that you cannot ignore in Danang, Vietnam

Opened to the public in June 2018 and just after few months, the Golden Bridge has attracted a huge number of tourists and social media all over the world.

Recently, a video shot of the Golden Bridge from above appeared on Street Art Globe’s Instagram with the title “Amazing things in Vietnam”. This site is about sharing photos, videos related to culture and artworks around the world.

An overview of the Golden Bridge in Danang

Situated at the altitude of 1,414 meters above the sea level in Thien Thai Garden of Sun World Ba Na Hills, the bridge is connected to the Marseille and Bordeaux stations in order to take guests from the foot of the mountain or the French village to visit the flower garden. Standing amidst the sky, Golden Bridge is like a brilliant “silk strip” of nearly 150 meters long, including 8 spans of which the longest one is 21.2 meters.

Golden Bridge at early morning

Golden Bridge at early morning

The most impressive feature of the Golden Bridge is the mossy giant hands lifting the bridge. According to TA Landscape Architecture – the design company, it represents the hands of mountain gods to get villagers to get to Thien Thai gardens. The hands are 12.8 meters wide with the diameter among fingers of about 2 meters.

Due to the unique design and special location, the Golden Bridge is considered by architects to be as impressive as the suspension Langkawi Sky Bridge in Malaysia – one of the most amazing bridges in the world.

The Golden Bridge’s popularity

After reaching a record of 15 million views on the Amazing Thing Vietnam fan page, the Golden Bridge immediately appeared on many well-known design sites around the world.

In particular, on July 25th, 2018, the spectacular images of the bridge were featured in the world-famous website with the title “Vietnam’s Daring Golden Bridge takes a “hands-on” approach to tourism”. Archdaily is a global architecture site of the United States. The architectural designs selected on this site are unique works which are highly aesthetic and impressive to design professionals around the world. Archdaily is considered to be the most readable architecture site in the world with over 500,000 readers per day and 160 million views per month (statistic in 2016). This site has also been voted one of the five most popular online magazines awarded by the Mashable's 2009 Open Web Awards.

Admiring the beautiful sunset in Golden Bridge

Admiring the beautiful sunset in Golden Bridge

Also, the Golden Bridge has constantly appeared in major magazines such as Buzzfeed – the site for young Americans, Archway – the most visited website in the world, Design Boom – the famous online magazine or Street Art Globle – the world famous Instagram art site. The appearance in such a variety of media channels shows the uniqueness and powerful appeal of this magnificent architecture.

Since its launch, the Golden Bridge has become the hottest spot for all people. There are so many couples chose this place to take their wedding photos.

In mid-July, 2018, the bridge became the stage of a fashion show named “A walk to the sky” with the participation of many famous supermodels, singers, and actors. The bridge and special scenery of Ba Na Hills are also the inspiration for fashion designers to create amazing dresses in the collection at the event.

From the Golden Bridge, you can see the panoramic view of Danang city. That’s why it is dubbed as the “Danang’s rooftop”. There is nothing better than you have a flycam and take great photos with the blend of impressive architecture among the large space and clear blue sky.

When you should visit Golden Bridge

Visiting Golden Bridge

Visiting Golden Bridge

Ba Na Hills attracts tourists by the beauty of the scenery and the comfortable climate all day. A day in Ba Na Hills is considered having full of four seasons, making it an interesting location for travelers in Danang. Tourists can visit Danang Golden Bridge whenever they like. No matter when they come, the bridge is always like floating on the clouds with the sun, wind, and green mountains.

However, according to Danang Golden Bridge travel experience, visitors should explore here in the morning or in the afternoon. In the morning, the fog covers all the space around the bridge, creating more dreaming and beautiful pictures than ever. The afternoon, when the sunset falls, makes the scenery more poetic and romantic. Especially on cool weather days, walking on the Golden Bridge and taking photos will be the most wonderful experiences for tourists in Danang.

It would be deficient if you miss this stunning destination when traveling to Danang Vietnam. Let’s take your backpack and come there to explore why the Golden Bridge becomes phenomenon”.